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Warrant Clearance

If you have an active warrant in South Florida (Palm Beaches, Dade or Broward County) in most cases, ALL FLORIDA BAIL BONDS INC. can clear your warrant fast! Call 954-565-2424 .

Schedule Call or CLICK THE SCHEDULE BUTTON! Give an AFBB Agent your information, explain the letter, situation or information you have about a possible warrant, we will then do the research and tell you what needs to be done. The basics are described below.

If you are caught, pulled over, or an officer comes to your home and you answer the door and you have a warrant, they will arrest you and book you into a jail, anytime day or night. This will cost you unnecessarily. This must and can be avoided in most cases! Call AFBB right away! 954-565-2424 . We will go over all details and information of your specific circumstances. We will provide you with the guidance you need quickly!

There are different kinds of warrants; such as a Capias, FTA (Failure To Appear) or Bench Warrant, a Probable Cause Warrant and VOP Warrant (Violation of Probation.) Some are active in the system, and others must be verified through a probation officer, the courts or sheriff’s office. Most warrants have a bond amount. If your warrant has a bond, AFBB can walk you thru the options of having it cleared, and getting a new court date set right away.

If you have a warrant for a traffic or misdemeanor offense, AFBB will get it cleared through a simple process and no jail time or embarrassing scenarios. This can be done in as little as 30 minutes! In order have an active warrant lifted, the accused must appear with the AFBB bondsman at a Palm Beach, Broward County or Miami-Dade Jail to complete a simple walk-thru. Your identity, and warrant information will be input and verified by the jail with the bondsman present, while they check and confirm active warrants in both FCIC and NCIC (Florida Crime Information Center and National Crime Information Center). Once confirmed, AFBB will post the bond and your warrant will be cleared from the system immediately! You will be given a new court date. No jail, no embarrassment, no losing time off family and work obligations. You will walk away clear in as little as 30 minutes!!!

If you have a VOP (Violation of Probation Warrant) you will need to be booked into the jail. As frustrating as this is, AFBB can help to eliminate many obstacles and hassles. The benefit of first coming to AFBB is that we can prepare and plan for the quickest possible release. You will need to contact us first 954-565-2424. . Each VOP is different, and much depends on whether your VOP has a bond. We will go over all your options, and set a time that is convenient for you to complete this. Once you self-surrender at the time planned, we will post the bond immediately, or prepare for the process once your bond amount is set. Using AFBB to clear a VOP with a bond can save you countless hours and days. This can be a stressful situation, and you will eventually get caught trying to avoid the obligation, so let us help you and relieve those burdens.

An AFBB agent will begin the Warrant Clearance paperwork process as soon as you call!
All Florida Bail Bonds Inc. Warrant Clearance Today! Call 954-565-2424

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