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Private Investigations

When you need to know the truth, AFBB Inc. Investigations is your resource. Having accurate information is important. More so, obtaining it professionally with the care it deserves. Domestic or Infidelity questions, Child Custody Issues, Criminal and Civil Records Searches, Workers Comp, Fraud, Loss & Theft concerns, Tenant, Employment or Background Screening, Drug Testing, Locating people. Have a question, we’ll find the answer. Secure, trusted, discreet.

When dealing with the legal system, especially in litigation, having a licensed private investigator who can testify in court and document events can make the difference between winning or losing a case.

The private investigators at All Florida Bail Bonds Inc. have either military, security, law enforcement or other legal backgrounds and/or investigation experience in surveillance, counter surveillance and recovery.

Private Investigations

We specialize in criminal and civil background checks, drug testing, the detection and documentation of extramarital affairs as well as corporate theft & fraud cases. We will also use various forensic methods to recover evidence.

Private InvestigationsAccording to ABC news, teen drug abuse is on a large scale rise. Misuse and abuse of recreational and prescription drugs must be derailed by any means necessary to provide future generations of children better opportunities and safer streets. Prevention, interaction and awareness are the keys to knowing how to protect and teach our youth.

Numerous studies have shown that drug abuse is an affliction best caught early. Drug testing can an invaluable weapon in a parent's arsenal against teen drug abuse.

At the local CVS or Walgreens you might spend $25 - $50, or $100 at a lab that will keep records which may come back to haunt your child in later years.

At All Florida Bail Bonds Inc. we offer drug testing that is absolutely confidential, and affordable. You can have the same test performed anonymously for as little as $10 right at our office. With the confidence of accurate results and information.

For more involved cases, or specialty investigative services, we can also arrange for K-9 inspections of a home, office or vehicle. Please call us for further details.

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