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Fugitive Recovery & Transport


Request A QuoteThis service is bail bond enforcement. All Florida Bail Bonds Inc. Fugitive Recovery & Transport Service provides bail surety companies with liability management resources to protect and retrieve avoiding all losses possible. AFBB specializes in all matters pertaining to bail forfeitures, skips, fugitives, or potential threats to a bail contract. 844-765-BAIL

We can assist you with tracking, recovery, delivery and transport of any fugitive anywhere in the United States. We have many resources and agent companies which may be involved in the process to ensure your resolve as quickly as possible.

Our investigators are highly trained, professional, courteous, and resourceful, with experience in extradition service and prisoner transport to other bail bondsman and law enforcement agencies. We work with all cases from the most simple to high risk and complex situations involving all types of detainees, including juvenile offenders.

Our rates will vary depending on your fugitive transport needs. Please Contact AFBB Fugitive Recovery & Transport Service, provide your basic information, and you will be directed to a Recovery Agent to discuss the case. 1(866)255-2245

Since all cases are not created equal, fees for services may vary depending on the details of the case matter (i.e. location of the defendant, urgency, bond size, etc.)

Our typical fee structure is a minimum $100 for basic search work, plus mutually agreed to expenses depending on the bond amount and efforts involved in recovery. A retainer may be required on certain cases involving significant search expenses, with remaining payment due at the time of completed delivery. A detailed invoice of all expenses and time is provided to all clients.

For a custom proposal please contact by phone or email or click the REQUEST QUOTE button above.

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