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There is no charge to discuss your options in any bail emergency.

Our business is bail. That means people who are faced with difficult circumstances need experience, comfort and results. If you find yourself, family, friend, or loved one in this unexpected situation, we are trusted to provide answers and information to help you make the quickest decision, with the least amount of stress and cost. AFBB will be here for you!

Have the following information when you contact us and the process will go faster

The bond amount, charges and/or date of birth will also help. If you aren't sure that is okay, we will find it, but we will need these things first...

  All Florida Bail BondsThe full name of the person being arrested or in jail
  All Florida Bail BondsThe date they were arrested
  All Florida Bail BondsThe city or county and state where arrested


1. In the State of Florida, the Department of Financial Services regulates the bail industry, laws, agents and fees.

2. The required premium fee for a bail bond is 10% for each bondable charge over $1000, and $100 for each bondable charge less than $1000. 15% for Federal and Immigration bonds. We accept cash, check, charge, and have payment plans available. Go to 24/7 Bail Tips and Process for bond specific info.

3. By using an AFBB bondsman, it often reduces the cost and financial burden of paying the jail directly and other out of pocket expenses, so long as the defendant appears for court dates.

4. If you are considering paying a bond to the jail directly, PLEASE FIRST BE ADVISED OF ALL FACTS on the 24/7 Bail Tips and Process page. You will need to pay the bond in full when you pay to the jail directly. Any jail, court or other fees applied throughout the life of the defendant's case are deducted from the amount you pay to a jail. There are no refunds once it's paid, unless there is something remaining once the case is discharged. A bondsman will not deduct jail, court or case fees from the clilateral funds. You should understand what happens when you pay a bond in full to the jail.

5. Whether you are calling from outside Florida to pay for someone's bail here, or you live here and need to post bail in another state, we can help you! Make sure you have the above information at hand and call or email us right away. Go to 24/7 Bail Tips and Process.

6. A bond gives a person charged with a crime, the opportunity to regain freedom while attending their court dates instead of remaining incarcerated throughout the case. Check a court date here.

7. All Florida Bail BondsBonds are posted once a person is fully booked in jail, the premium paid and paperwork complete. Booking is 1-6 hrs for most jails. CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY WHEN YOU LEARN ABOUT AN ARREST. WE HAVE RESOURCES AND EXPERIENCE TO SAVE YOU TIME WHILE AWAITING BOOKING TO BE COMPLETED!

8. All Florida Bail BondsThe person in jail will usually see magistrate within 24 hours after being booked. YOU DO NOT NEED TO WAIT FOR MAGISTRATE TO POST A BOND. CALL AFBB RIGHT AWAY! Magistrate may agree with the bond amount, increase, decrease it, revoke a bond or R.O.R. (release on own recognizance.) AFBB HAS 20+ YEARS COMBINED COURT, LAW ENFORCEMENT AND BAIL EXPERIENCE TO HELP GUIDE YOU.

9. The actual bond amount is secured through the bondsman by one or a combination of signature and credit guarantees, payment plans, indemnity agreements, or by securing contracts invliving other means of property and assets (such as jewelry, land, real estate, car titles, etc.) which are at least equal to the total of all the bond charges.

10. After the defendant goes to all required court appearances, regardless of the outcome, AFBB will receive a notice of discharge from the court. Any clilateral or assets being held under contract or with the agent, will be released to the depositor (usually the indemnitor) and the bond will be relinquished with no further obligations.

11. In the event a defendant fails to appear and is not returned to the jurisdiction of the court or is unable get the court date reset, the indemnitor (co-signer) is legally obligated to pay for the full bond.


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